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SNHDIGITAL Wireless Chargers

Kyocera duraforce pro compatible 3. 1amp rapid car charger is designed to help you charge your car quickly. This model is designed with a micro usb port and touch activated led light. The cable is coiled and has a purple touch activated led light. This cable is easy to use and comes with a coiled cable, a carrying case, and a guide dog.

Bang & Olufsen E6 wireless in-ear headphones

Deals for SNHDIGITAL Wireless Chargers

This is a compact, retractable usb cable charger that helps power your phone's battery and takes up zero space in your kitchen or office. The black micro-usb connector ensures datasync between your phone and phone's battery, and the rix-1 card allows you to charge two phones at the same time.
the snhdigital wireless chargers are a great way to keep your car running in the best possible condition! They have a retractable 4. 8 amp power rating and are dual usb port power ratings which makes them perfect for using two devices at once. The black color is perfect for using your samsung galaxy a5 or samsung galaxy a6 car with blackorthy text.
this is a 6ft long usb cable that you can use to charge your samsung galaxy tab 4 nook 7. 0 10. 1 e nook 9. 6 s2 nook 8. The cable is compatible with the tab 4 and it has a power meter to help you know how much power it has left. The cable is also certified to work with the tab 4's 10. 1 e nook and 9. 6 s2 nooks.